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Information About Browsers and HTML Standards Used on this Site


This web site is created using the W3C HTML standard of HTML 4.01 Transitional with migration to HTML5, as pages are updated and new pages are introduced. Representation of HTML pages and the results viewed by you, the user, are dependant on your particular browser's adherence to the W3C HTML standards.

The five most common browsers and their worldwide percentage share of the browser market are seen below. Note that Internet Explorer is still number one in the US. (According to Wikipedia November 2012)

Mobile browsers have recently moved to represent over 6% of the browser usage and have become a factor in web page design. So far pages of the SeaGate site seem to display nicely on mobile devices.

While Internet Explorer is the most common browser in use in the US, in my opinion, they are the least W3C compliant. Therefore IE users may not see pages properly displayed as designed. The most current version of IE is Internet Explorer Release 10. Be sure to check all prereqs before installing a new version. The latest versions of IE would be the most W3C compliant of the IE family.

You might consider downloading the latest versions of some of the other listed browsers, which you can do by 'Googleing' their name. All of them are free and will coexist in Windows with IE, giving you a choice of presentations.

The pages on this site are designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 628. Most current systems and monitors will support this resolution. If your system has less than 1024 width you may not view the pages as designed although most information will be displayed by scrolling. Higher resolution screens are supported with no significant problems.

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